LED solid state lighting sources may be the “new” cutting edge technology to most lighting manufacturers, but we at Forum Lighting have been incorporating LED light sources in architectural luminous system for more than 15 years. Forum continues its position of leadership in the application of LED technology with the release of several complete lines of mainstream primary source architectural lighting products. 

Forum Lighting has partnered with Philips Lighting to produce some of the most effective lighting solutions available today.  All our designs are predicated on sustainability and are 100% maintainable in the field. To build on this, Philips has embraced the developing Zaga LED Component Standard currently under development as well. All of Forum LED products carry a 5 year single source warranty on LED components and drivers as a system, and incorporate 0-10vdc dimming capability. We are achieving efficacies that far out-perform their florescent counterparts. All of this at increasingly competitive price points.

Function is of little use without form. At Forum, we apply cutting edge technology while maintaining strict attention to the architectural form. Forum has over 50 years of experience providing luminous systems that set the gold standard. Forum’s products have been and continue to be employed on the most influential and notable architectural projects around the world. We continue this 50 year tradition utilizing LED’s exciting developing technology. Forum is proud to offer these luminous systems to the specifier, giving them the confidence that Forum LED products will exceed the expectations and needs of the most discerning customers.